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Open Sundays

We are also open on Sundays to ensure more working space in the salon.

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  1. 60min.
    price: 27-57€ (including wash and blow dry). Ladie's and men's haircut, junior (8-16y.), children.

Cutting and coloring | highlights

  1. Short
    time:2-2,5h price: from 120€
  2. Medium
    time:2,5-3h price: from 125€
  3. Long - Extra long
    time:3-3,5h price: from 135€

Color | Highlights

  1. Short
    time:2h price: from 95€
  2. Medium
    time:2,5h price: from 105€
  3. Long - Extra long
    time:3-3,5h price: from 115€


  1. Short - Medium
    time:3h price: 95€, cutting +30€
  2. Long - Extra long
    time:3-3,5h price: from 105€, cutting +30€

Hair styling

  1. Styling
    time:30min. price: 35€
  2. Wash and blow dry
    time: 45min. price: 45€
  3. Updo
    time:60min. price: 60€
To book an appointment for services listed below kindly call us:
  • Hair extension and consultation
  • Bridal hair and make-up
  • Organic hair color and consultation
  • Eyebrow & eyelash services
  • Under 15min. (fringe, trim only)
  • Wig service & consultation
If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we appreciate if you give us a 24h notice, so we can refill your spot. We have the right to charge 50% of the service price upon uncancelled appointments.
If you are a new client at our salon, please inform us of possible allergies before carrying out color services.
Please call us if you have any questions regarding our services at (06) 317 7766 or email us at mimo@mimohair.fi